Revolutionising Renewable Energy
supporting the Society, Industry & Corporates to tap the unlimited resources of Renewable Energy and enabling a Green Rich Energy for your future...
Why NIRT Renewable Energy ?
Our value proposition is a Six legged stool.
1. Highest quality products and installation
2. Raving fan customer service
3. Low cost.
4.We Start with the Highest Quality Equipment
5.Energy Harvest Maximization: More rupees in your pocket
6.Customized Systems: Get what you need not what they are selling
 Our Values
NIRT Renewable Energy
Going solar is about making a profitable and reliable investment, but it’s foremost about taking responsibility.
Process & Equipments
At NIRT Renewable Energy, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that offers premium quality of production with consistency and economics of scale.

Quality Commitment
With the ultra modern lab, we at NIRT Renewable Energy has the privilege to attain zero deficiency in production. The modules are constructed using

R & D
Process & Equipments The state of art production unit. European technology. For acute precision and unmatched quality. State of art production.

Solar makes sense
NIRT Renewable Energy is the leading international network of researchers into thermal solar for dispatchable power and solar chemistry technologies.
Solar Done Differently
Our vision is to contribute to the reduction in environmental pollution by utilizing renewable sources of energy.
We design the solar panel system that maximizes your financial return. Solar is a long-term investment.You should be confident that you’re making the best choice out of every rupees invested in your system.
Aesthetic focus
Solar energy installations do not have to be unattractive. We work with the most innovative solar manufacturers and design customized solar systems that beautifully blend into your home’s exterior.
Customer Service
Customer service is our top priority and has been the key to our success since we opened our doors in salem. We are local and work with and for the community. We only work with top quality manufacturers and our engineers design.
 Low Cost
We get asked a frequently, “how do you deliver a high quality product, with great service, at a low price?” Sounds like marketing hype, we know. But there’s plenty of science and hard work behind it and offering best in class value to customers.
Compelling Value
When a very high quality product is combined with excellent customer service at a very competitive price, the result is compelling value. To some of our competitors value is a word that is used as an apology for high prices.
Do everything (set direction, deploy actions, analyse, review, plan and mitigate risk etc) with a thoroughness that delivers quality and Excellence - in all areas, and especially in operations, Execution, and Growth.
Turning Sunlight into Power
We are looking forward to take this association forward and develop higher capacities in the solar space.
Why choose us?
No investment from customer.
No maintenance charges.
Electricity tariff will be less than your existing EB Tariff.
Save major EB cost annually.
Transfer 100% assets to customer over a period, later 100% free power from the project.
Applicable only for rooftop projects.
How to Work Solar Systems
Solar energy is created by solar panels that are designed to absorb photons to create a photovoltaic effect
The meter monitors the electricity generated by your solar system and the electricity you pull from the grid.
The grid carries the electricity from the power plant to your home.
The utility produces the energy carried through the grid to power your home. 
They are the best, they trained us how to use biogas plant from waste, a good step towards Clean India.
Rajesh Sharma
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NO 70 Sakthi Complex , 2nd Floor,Above Vasantham Super Market,Cherry Road, Hastampatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636007
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