Solar Technician Training with GOVT Certificate (Eligibility: Diploma,ITI).... and Internship for Students in Renewable Energy Sector

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy
supporting the Society, Industry & Corporates to tap the unlimited resources of Renewable Energy and enabling a Green Rich Energy for your future...
Why GO NIRT Renewable Energy ?
Our value proposition is a Six legged stool.
1. Highest quality products and installation
2. Raving fan customer service
3. Low cost.
4. We Start with the Highest Quality Equipment
5. Energy Harvest Maximization: More rupees in your pocket
6. Customized Systems: Get what you need not what they are selling
Solar Power Plant Capex Model

•   Investment – Client Scope
•   O & M – First Year Free
•   Minimum Size – Any size
•   Area – 100 Sqft/kW shadow free area (RCC & GI sheet roof)
•   Return on Investment – 5 Years (Based on EB tariff)
•   Accelerated & Depreciation Benefits – Can avail
•   Bank Loan – Support available
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