Revolutionising Renewable Energy
supporting the Society, Industry & Corporates to tap the unlimited resources of Renewable Energy and enabling a Green Rich Energy for your future...
Why NIRT Renewable Energy ?
Our value proposition is a Six legged stool.
1. Highest quality products and installation
2. Raving fan customer service
3. Low cost.
4.We Start with the Highest Quality Equipment
5.Energy Harvest Maximization: More rupees in your pocket
6.Customized Systems: Get what you need not what they are selling
 Our Values
NIRT Renewable Energy
Going solar is about making a profitable and reliable investment, but it’s foremost about taking responsibility.
Process & Equipments
At NIRT Renewable Energy, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that offers premium quality of production with consistency and economics of scale.

Quality Commitment
With the ultra modern lab, we at NIRT Renewable Energy has the privilege to attain zero deficiency in production. The modules are constructed using

R & D
Process & Equipments The state of art production unit. European technology. For acute precision and unmatched quality. State of art production.

Solar makes sense
NIRT Renewable Energy is the leading international network of researchers into thermal solar for dispatchable power and solar chemistry technologies.
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