About Us
supporting the Society, Industry & Corporates to tap the unlimited resources of Renewable Energy and enabling a Green Rich Energy for your future.
The National Institute of Renewable Energy Technology (NIRT) is a training institute targeted at building a renewable energy nation by imparting technical skills and practical exposures to potential renewable energy architectures through vocational and systematic curriculum. “Engineering a green nation”, the motto of NIRT provides a life-changing opportunity to the aspiring students through a variety of programmes. NIRT provides professional training mainly for harvesting solar energy apart from a wide spectrum of sustainability courses.
Our Vision and Mission
Our planet is our legacy, and there’s only one. The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more we wait, the worse it will get. California’s Central Coast receives a practically unlimited amount of sunlight- why wouldn’t we harness it to do our part to protect the environment? Together, let’s choose a more responsible way to power our lives: Let’s go solar.
Solar has suffered and is still suffering from many misconceived notions, and we understand that the process of going solar might seem overwhelming. Education and empowerment are at the core of our approach.Within our process, we meet with our clients to help them define their goals, evaluate their options, and make informed and confident decisions.
We Deal In
Solar Power Plant Zero Investment
Solar Power Plant
EMI Option
Power Trading
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Renewable Energy
Carbon Advisory
Solar Plant License with end customer / Govt.