About Us
NIRT Renewable Energy Private Limited is the growing company in the renewable energy sector, Expertise in Solar Energy, Energy Auditing, Power Trading and Bio Gas with installed capacity of 35+MW across Tamilnadu.

NIRT encourage its team to enhance the interaction with clients for better understanding of client challenges, time lines and work towards the goal without compromising quality standards. NIRT maintains good relationships and tie up with professionals from industrial academia, governments along with the subject experts to bring in latest solutions which make real difference in addressing the issues.

Our Vision and Mission
Our planet is our legacy, and there’s only one. The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more we wait, the worse it will get. California’s Central Coast receives a practically unlimited amount of sunlight- why wouldn’t we harness it to do our part to protect the environment? Together, let’s choose a more responsible way to power our lives: Let’s go solar.
Solar has suffered and is still suffering from many misconceived notions, and we understand that the process of going solar might seem overwhelming. Education and empowerment are at the core of our approach.Within our process, we meet with our clients to help them define their goals, evaluate their options, and make informed and confident decisions.